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Where the h*ll are you now on this Friday?

Wasn't it just yesterday?
That we held each others very spirits?
We watched them like a snow-globe
And exchanged love,
And comfort dwelled in our being?
Yet, today, this wretched gray day
And I can't reach you
When I need you
And you don't give a…
I know that I cannot be dependent on another soul
But my heart's curiosity pleaded otherwise
Oh, yes, God this
God that!
But sometimes our backs
Face each other
And I don't even know why they do!
You lye around else where,
Dreaming elsewhere,
I can't do a thing about it.
I sit here and wonder where the hell you are,
And what the h*ll you think.
And while you laugh? While you cry?
I sit here facing the very black and white sh!t
That looks at me in the mirror everyday
And I do it alone.
And I will do it alone
‘Till the day God takes my body
And I die

Everybody left,
All I wanted to tell you today
Was that I missed you,
That I loved you
And that I desired you
I wanted to tell you last night
That I felt so belonging to you

But this is how Friday concludes.
Cold, bitter, hot, sweet…


~DaYnA e. 12/2/05

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Where the h*ll are you now on this Friday?