Poetic Verses Of Love And Sorrow

It's Not Over Till It's over   WAR

So much chitter chatter
From Dopey and sneeze
They try to get to my girls
By talking sleazy

The Kid tells us
Beauty is skin deep
That must be the reason
They get no sleep

They keep saying
Bring it on
When my girls get there
There always gone

I know deep down
There full of fear
For they know
The FEM 4 is very near

They think there poets
And know how to write
They better stick to poetry
Because they sure can't fight

The Kid is so right
He says looks are deceiving
So homely are they
It' not hard believing

Jealous are they
Of each pretty lady
There's Jody and Joy
Michelle and Katy

It won't be long
Till you run out of time
For I shall protect the FEM 4
They shall always be mine

I am there General
This makes you full of fear
As long as I'm around
You'll never come here

So swallow your pride
And happiness you'll find
At least until the notorious FEM
Kick your behind

So run away
Like cowards in the night
That way your sure
You won't have to fight

If you want to surrender
Then you should know

Written in fun
To some very good friends
Friendly fire lol

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