SWEETSWORDS 10 [ The Factuality of Fate ]

SWEETSWORDS 10 [ The Factuality of Fate ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Do you know what is the fate of the place,
And who is the architecture of the fate.
Who designs all the happenings,
Never out of place never to late.
Do you know what is the fate of the place is,
Say he is Allah the all mighty Al Aziz.
Poga Says in the Foolington Maze
Do you know about the hour,
Boiling oceans and scolding shower.
Misty heavens and mysterious rain.
Do you know about the hour,
When earth will bleach forth its internal remain.
Do you know about the hour,
Fragile nursery and fertile shower.
Rain of Armageddon,
And sprouting immortals.
Do you know about the hour,
When earth will accommodate
Heaven and hellish portals.
Do you know about the hour,
When sky will be folded like venetian blind.
When veil will be removed,
From heart and mind.
That is the hour of meeting soul,
That is the hour will decide the goal.
Do you know about the hour.
Scolding atmosphere,
And melting copper.
Misty heavens and mysterious rain.
Do you know about the hour,
When all attempt will be in vain.
Awaluddin Marifathullah Says :There is no free will,
Only free whims.
Costly are all wakeful intentions,
Free are all the dreams.
Muslim is he who surrenders his will,
According to the will of the God.
If we do not hold the free will,
How can Allah ask us to surrender our will to that of our Lord.
Our intentions what we will into actions.
Our intentions are costly,
Only free is our inclinations.
In Islam it our intentions what is been recorded,
As our reward and penalty.
In Islam there is prize and punishment,
For physical deeds and also thinking mentally.
So to learn the free will,
You must use the free thinking.
Because thoughts cannot develop into deeds,
Without thoughts are bonded by thinking linking.
In Islam it is our intentions,
What is written before actions.
And it is written by two Angels on our shoulders,
As the fated divine sanctions.
And as after intentions is recorded,
We can commit the deed.
Because no one can say anything without writing his thoughts,
As what to recite and what to read.
Now you know what is the free will,
It is like intuition written by the intentional quill.
It is like you made the Niyaa,
And now standing on the Ruku for the Salah.
There is nothing on your mind,
Beside worship of Allah.
So after the Ruku
But before the Qiam.
Thoughts comes and go,
Some Halal some Haram.
And one of the thought is to finish the Salah,
To watch the television.
But your intention was to perform Salah,
As the Fard obligation.
Now who brought the thought watch television in your mind.
Your intention was to pertorm Salah,
Without getting dragged from behind.
Who is pulling you back to forward your prayers.
Yes it is the whispers of Shaitan from within,
Who is holding you back to be sincere.
Therefore thoughts are free,
But thinking is dear.
Therefore there is no free will to laugh,
But only the free repentance tear.
Mrs Be Aql khan Usta : I know everything is fated,
Therefore there is no free will.
Everything is stamped by Allah,
By his predestined quill.
Our will and our choice is just our interpretation,
Everything will be revealed at hereafter is just out imagination.
I know everything is fated,
Therefore there is no free will.
Everything is confirmed by Allah,
With his predestined quill.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Everything is fated
Yet we chose our own fate.
We write our own future,
With our present date.
Therefore before we will for anything
We e must have a desire to do so.
We must have the target,
Before we throw the arrow.
So when we have a intention in our heart,
It sends the message to the brain.
To register in the book of fate,
Our execution order for heavenly pleasure or hellish pain.
And our actions follows,
As predestined by the intention.
It is simple as we know about the present moment,
But we don't know the final destination.
It is as simple as when Allah declares,
Everything is written in the book.
But we have the choice of lowering our gaze,
Or continue to look.
It as simple as when we have a desire in our heart,
To fly high or dive to deep.
We register in our mind the record,
For ever to keep.
The record of our proud obscene look and our shy glance.
It is as simple as first came the ambition to move,
Then came the distance.
Therefore when Allah declares everything is written,
And written by two angels with truthful pen.
They write our intentions before our deed.
They write before its implication but after its need.
Mrs Be Aql : Our fate was sealed before our birth.
Therefore our living desires,
And our actions doesn't have any worth.
Our narration is only our parrot fashion repetition,
The echo that remains to tell our tale.
Only Allah's will remain victorious here,
And all else must fail.