SWEETSWORDS 14 [The Watcher ]

SWEETSWORDS 14 [The Watcher ]
By Poga Humayun Dundiwala
I have seen within and without.
I have seen transparent trust,
And obscure doubt.
I have seen all,
Apart from the unseen.
I have seen destruction in construction,
And development in ruin.
I Have seen inner dimensions,
And outer domain.
I have seen midst of pleasure,
And center of pain.
I have seen sonar scene,
And picture of silence.
I have seen weight of disproportion,
And height of balance.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Science of insight and optical illusion,
Picture of mind and image of intuition.
Analytical aspect and passing glance,
Careful study and observation of negligence.
Language of sensation and deaf dumb and blind,
I have seen front of future and back of behind.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : To know the future
Mumins pray Isthekhara prayer
But I the alcoholic animal,
In my amnesiac sleep.
From the realm of topless apex,
And the bottomless deep.
Dream came silently as the visual nightmare,
The dream came without my urge to know the future,
Without my Isthekhara prayer.
I saw the sky and the clouds are oily like some kind of plasma.
Scary strange like science fiction cinema.
I saw destruction and havoc,
From horizon to horizon.
And trees are flying like cotton balls,
By the Planet X gravitation.
And my lord said dreams are of three kind.
One from The Allah one from Shaitan,
And one from the dreamers mind.
And I thought when the mind of dreamer,
Shaitan and Allah makes three aspect of the dream.
As said so by my lord,
Sallel lahu alahi wasallim.
Then fourth aspect of dream must come from him.
Because without him how the Creation to know about the Creator,
About the Shaitan and the mind.
Because I saw him not only during sleep,
What with three aspect cannot be defined.
As at awaking I saw my lord again,
Occupying all horizons to guide my front of future and back of behind.
What I saw at awaking state was the fourth aspect of the dream.
What only realised by my lor
Sallel la hu alahi wasallim.