Irish/Celtic/Poet Hud

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Only fool's...Tread a path.
Where angels dare to tread.
The universe has no respect.
For our belief systems or laws.
Humans conception is that our belief systems.
Will protect us from the ever evolving universe.
Never assume anything in the infinite cosmos.
Humanity only sees its own perspective...
Of a vast seamless universe.
Through the cosmology of Branchus and Apollo.
Through the ancient Hebrew metaphysical system of Cabala.
Astral star-bursting...
Projecting from every infinite point.
Through the eyes of a soulless body.
View the universe in the kaleidoscope of colour frequencies.
Reincarnate with knowledge inbound.
Download Metaplasmic images.
Through digital mathematics.
Reveal the true topology of the universe.

Copyright Hud 2006-2012 Writer/Poet/Philosopher.

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