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The interpretation of the predictive four line Quatrains were composed over four hundred years ago by the French prophet "Nostradamus" in his extensive "Centuries"
These were largely written in coded terminology.
The full understanding required much time and effort.
Please enjoy my Poetic Quatrain Series.

Poetic Quatrain (53)

Socially inept semi fractions.
Adapt or die smell leats
It could be about Nessie of Ziona.
Time ticking away agent Sarin.

Poetic Quatrain (54)

Synthesized polymerase enzymes laminated by power speedway engines.
Protect the souls of the sacred hill terraces.
Hercules and his group of men are genetically bred.
Given mouths full of stinging bees.

Poetic Quatrain (55)

Jurassic Junkies are just like monkeys.
Mitochanorial Eve mother to us all.
Associations of Why chromosomes.
World's power base turned upside down.

Copyright Hud 2006-2009, Poet/Philosopher, All rights reserved worldwide.

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