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 In The Pines
I started my day in the usual way …
With coffee, and a book in my lap;
Lazily smoking and sipping my cup,
As my soul stepped into the TRAP!

My eyes scanned the pages,
But I wasn't there; the coffee was bitter and cold…
I looked through the window
And Noticed the dark, and a plan began to unfold.

I laid down my book,
I stood up from my chair, reclaiming my own free will.
I decided right then to step out the door…
To the dawning, quiet and still.

I opened my eyes to better observe,
Then I closed them so I could see more.
I breathed in the morning and tasted the sky,
And searched for the hidden door.

I sat for a bit on the stump of a tree,
With thoughts swirling round in my mind…
I turned to the west, and opened my eyes.
And saw the inviting pines.

An opening beckoned with smiling embrace,
So I followed an inner voice…
I dropped to the Earth and crawled through the gate,
And made a different choice.

I moved close to the ground,
Through the crackling leaves…
Felt the pine needles piercing my clothes,
I came into a Circle of still quiet sounds,
Earth scents filling my nose.

I climbed into the darkness
And stared through the gap
at colors of orange then blue…
At a painting of splendor filling the sky…
Eyewitness to nature's début.

The way of the wise is often revealed
In places abandoned and dark…
But to put aside comfort and habit awhile,
Will  often ignite the spark.

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