Getting Out Of My Own Way

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Seasons Of Life

I met a young girl
Oh what a whirl
I was yearning for a new life
I asked her to be my wife
We were blessed with two magical girls
Hopeful that the world would unfurl
I became tired and gaunt
Is this really what I want
Responsibilities grew and grew
To this life could I be true
I thought I deserved a crown
But I honestly let her down
At times I really tried
Sometimes I cheated and I lied
Mama came down with the blues
Me, well, I hid out in the booze
We kept trying to win each other's heart
All the while growing further apart
We both love those pretty babies
And people there is no maybes
What we forgot to surrender from the start
Was our own opposite selfish hearts
So on it went for nigh on thirteen years
Each of us sulking in our fears
Until we could no longer perpetuate the ruse
Someone had to pay the dues
Did it have to be our precious angels
Stuck in our web of emotional tangles
If we could have fore seen this ugly end
Would we have even tried to defend
This story ended in the fall
Perhaps it is best after all
So this year like a blossom soaked with dew
All four of us must start anew
It will require patience and toil
In this most fertile virgin soil

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