Poetic Verses Of Love And Sorrow

In Retaliation For The FEM 4 Has There Use

Again old Cliffy
Has attacked the FEM 4
The same mistake
He's made before

He Says the FEM 4
Has there use
I'll tell you what it is
It's to cook his goose

He rattles on an on
Of spirits on high
If he keeps talking
He won't have to cry

Never mess with my girls
For you shall never win
They shall always be there
Again an again

You talk of passion
That goes to the sky
Lay off those goofy pills
And you'll know why

You give my FEM 4
A massive fit
All I can say to that
Is your full of it

Your so very right
General Ronnie has his hands full
With four lovely beauties
I'm certainly no fool

Never shall your troops
Beat my FEM 4
For you have no chance
To even the score

The time has come
To surrender to my beauties
I know your jealous
For I have all the cuties

Bow down to my girls
And make amends
Tell them your sorry
And throw down your pens

If you do all this
My girls may let you go
On the other hand
I really don't know

General Hall

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