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Looking on the bright side

There's an air of eerie silence all around this town
Just broken by small noises as it slowly closes down
The house is preparing for the coming of the night
Its computer setting the levels of heating and light
Taking into account of course any of the owner's whims
Ultimate decision and control after all was with him
Nearly fifty years it's been running things this way
Since the happening of that accidental cleansing day
They left defence to the computers a step both daring and bold
But computers still didn't think really they just did as they were told
So when that maniac pressed the button just to see what it would do
It did what it was told like any servant faithful and true
And the computers on the other side did just the same
And so swiftly passed that war game of all war games
They used their newest bombs of course really just a prototype
Leave a land clean and fit to live in went the scientific hype
No need to rebuild or start afresh
This bomb just destroys all living flesh
On the wall outside this house caught in mid dash
The silhouettes of a family burned there by a neutron flash
All in all
That tells it all
There's an air of eerie silence all around this town
Broken by small noises as it slowly closes down
But the trees are marching onward and there's still life in the seas
So philosophically speaking it's not as bad as it could be

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