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Human's Do

The days just trickle by, so slowly, as if time ages as humans do.
In the infinity of the night, a trend is broken and day breaks.
When I'm in the deadness of my nightmares, I can hear it shatter.
I've become accustomed to the days as they wind down,
Like a clock that's lost its mighty power,
So do I dwindle my life away, writing words I cannot hear.

The wind doesn't cry anymore, it wails and I hear
Prevailing goodbyes wafting to and fro and I understand. I do.
I know the sound of a bad day and I know the power,
It has to take a mortal man with a full life and break
Him apart. I've been able to comprehend it till I came down
And saw that everything, in some way, shape, or form shatters.

In the evening as the birds and bats fly to their sameness, I shatter
My heart again. I hear its woe, but I listen to it, just to hear,
Because if it'll happen often why not absorb that feeling? Down
The spiral I'll journey, till I've swindled myself of better things. I do
Like this crazy place. The colors are brighter and they break
The barrier we all thought had some kind of medicinal power.

My stomach hungers for something, so I'll eat the power
That has strangled my soul. In my appetite it'll sit, shattered.
So forceful is the day, droning on, I'm afraid I'll break
Like everyone else does. I'm afraid I'll fail to hear
Those whispers that warn me, I miss them. I know I can do
What others cannot, whether I'm strong or weak. I'll slow it down.

But I've strayed again; maybe you've noticed this far down.
I've taken you on some kind of journey, and with this power
I'll take you back because why would you want this? Do
You know what this is or where my heart pounds? Hard enough to shatter
The silence into a million pieces, as I try to piece them back together, you can hear
Me having one of my famous and frequent nervous break downs.

Many emotions have I slain, worthless and tortured. I take a break
From all this. I cannot be of sound mind, because down
The line I'd betray. I don't know who though, but can you trust or hear
Anything that I am? It's insanity that makes me this fun. Power,
I have none. Power is for the strong and I am weak. I've shattered
My own already broken heart, by accident, though that's what I do.

In the middle of the break of morning, her power
Can be seen wearing down the core of an already shattered
Girl. Yes, I hear her as fear poisons my bones. To each other it's what humans do.

January 10, 2006

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Human`s Do

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