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   I cut myself off,

   From everyone~

   From everything~

   A torturous voice,

   Speaks inside of me.

   You ,walked away.

   You ,took away everything.

   Left alone~


   In this cold, dark place.

   So afraid, to be alone.

   To afraid, to be with,

       Someone Else.

   I sit and look,

   Into the mirror.

   I see myself,

  ... From the inside out.

   I can't stand the reflection,

   Or the person staring back at me.

   My unconscious mind terrorizes~
   The self conscious,part of my soul.

   I take the mirror~

 ~  From the top of my speaker.

   I smash it on the floor!

   I cut myself; To see if,

   I still bleed.

 ~  To see the blood.

   I still don't feel whole.

   I still don't feel real.

   A river of tears comes,

   A river of tears, covers my face.

   I don't know who I am.

   I don't know who,has taken my place.

   I only know ,
   The reflection in the mirror.


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