Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

The Song Plays On A Loop

Four Hours Part Time Idiot

Four hours, is three hours too long.
Of course, then, one hour is three
Hours of missing pay.

Damn this place.
Especially in a setting my body has refused,
A place my mind has wretched at,
A position I've rejected for no reason.
I'm sitting here; I've been listening to the same song
For about an hour now and I'd rather leave.

The hours are only four but after one
I'm on the verge of swallowing a bullet,
Let my soul be breathed in by the heavens.
In heaven, though, even souls get scarred…

Haven't A Friend In Jesus

And with my scars, I've halted the sky,
And with my fingers, I've enforced a lie… again.
I know who I've hurt, and I've apologized,
And still there will be much retribution.
I've counted the days, and yes, I've
Even counted the tears that have already fallen.

I'm woeful and teary-eyed and I have no prince.
I wonder if God would ever flood the world,
To cleanse us all of our evils.

The Ache Of Inherent Evil

I've had my head ache many times,
But now my mind aches, and this is a new feel.

My Mind Is Against Me

In my mind there's rain and I'm about to drown.
Only in my head does it storm, everyone else can
Have their sunshine; I hope they choke on it,
And I hope the wind leaves them disheveled.

Blow Up The Outside (let's count the survivors)

Of course there is the outside, damn the outside world,
Blow it up, rip it to sheds and let's see who remains,
The mortally wounded or the significantly sick.

I Wish There Were A Better Word For Sky

Yes, outside blows a torrent of wind and leaves.
I want invisibility like the wind, and long
Periods of time in which I disappear. The song
Plays on a loop, I'm totally getting “jiggy.”
Now that that is cleared up I curse Will Smith's naivety.

The sky, the enemy who peers down upon me
On my worst of days, laughs at me when
I try, pours its tears on my shoulders, and comforts
Me when the darkness takes away my sleep…

I damned the sky with grey clouds. I told the sun to drown
In the nebulosity. I still enforce my lie.

And Here Is The Lie

I tell them I'm okay, that I'm not sick at all,
But in the mirror, my lies are written in reverse.
So in another world, another dimension,
I'm well but illness and disease lives within my womb,
And I'm dying.

In either world, I'm dying.


Please tell me that you're alright…

January 11, 2006

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The Song Plays On A Loop

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