Poetic Verses Of Love And Sorrow


The war is over
For Cliffy and the kid
You tried so hard
But couldn't get Katydid

You also tried
To get Michelle
It didn't work
It was doomed to fail

You tried to get Joy
But it didn't work
You had to give up
Or look like a jerk

Then another beauty
You tried to take
Her name is Jody
You made a big mistake

So you two tyrants
Don't feel sad
You put up a good fight
You gave all you had

My lovelies and I
Shall bask in the sun
You knew it had to happen
We finally won

So please don't bother
To retaliate
You know It's over
It was meant to be your fate

So to you two tyrants
I take off my hat
You found new beauties
But 'O are they fat

The first thing to do
Is turn on your charms
And maybe your new beauties
Will shave under there arms

The hair on there legs
They can always hide
Keep them in long pants
And keep them inside

You fought a good battle
But never could win
For truth and justice
Prevails again.

The General

To my good friends
Please keep your wit
Your sense of humor
Shall always fit.  LOL (SMILE) LOL

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