Beautiful Disaster

The Page Remains Blank

The wind blows back her hair
As she sits
Trying to write
Taking a minute to mediate
She has so much on her mind
But nothing to write
The page remains blank          
Life is stressful
And she'd love to complain
But she really has nothing to complain about
For once
Her life is truly normal
The page remains blank
So she sits and thinks
listening to the water
Of the pond behind her
Children playing
Winds humming
Chimes chiming
The page remains blank          
She's confused at why she has nothing to write
Writing is her life
It comes so naturally
And she enjoys it
Her escape
In her time of need
The page remains blank
Then she realizes
She does use writing as an escape
But right now she has nothing
To escape from
Nothing depressing to tell
She picks up her pencil
And writes of happy things
The page no longer remains blank

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