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Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Do you know who are the very best among human nations
Say it is AL ANSAR the people of AL MADINAH and their generations
They are chosen by prophet of ALLAH
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Say AL ANSAR is the very best of human and there is none like him

Poga Say's in a foolington maze

How bad is really bad
Rotten mummy or dewy dead
Maker of scales and balance of things
Cubical KAABA and circular rings
Memory of water and nature of man
Good decision and bad omen

Beraham Muharram Say's Mother of Majeja
Is the daughter of Bibi Khadija
By the heart stopping hour and marching band
And HEAD of the Cosmic Crown upon the Earthen lancers hand
They march on from tent of Karbala to the palace of Dumasc
They march on with theirs liberated false pride with the prisoners of AL HAQQ
They stopped by the unforgiving hour
Sun was blazing upon the heavenly dew drops with the hellish power
They left Princess of MUMIN in heat and dust
And KAFFIRS took shelters in the shade to quench theirs SATANIC thirst
Lady SAKEENAH the child of IMAM
The water of KHAWTHER was burning like the lamp of ISLAM
She saw tiny twig crating line of shadow
There she with earth she created a line like a pillow
Under this plant she slept tired hungry and thirsty
And the commander of Yazid said march on oh HUSSAINI party
They marched on leaving the lady SAKEENAH behind
And the lancer said by ALLAH Husain's dead head still hold its living mind
He said suddenly lance became too heavy and fell from my hand
There it stuck on the ground like engraved royal command
No one can move it we tried even the horse power
So the KUFFAR went to ISLAM at theirs crisis hour
They asked IMAM JOINUL ABEDIN for some advice
They said your father refuse to move we tried every design and device
They said please help us tell us what to do
The lance that was holding your fathers dead head now it is holding his living RUH
So IMAM went to BIBI JAINAB and asked her to count the children
He said please count the flowers from my fathers garden
Father does not want to go forward maybe some one is left behind
And BIBI JAINAB cried oh SAKEENAH her we cannot find
So BIBI JAINAB run back and saw SAKEENAH was on the lap of a veiled Woman
She was comforting her kissing her protecting her from the heat of earth cold of Asman
She was listening to the incident of Karbala and crying with SAKEENAH
And BIBI JAINAB went forward to this veiled Zenanah
She said thank you lady for my sister but tell me who are you and what you do in SAHARA
And BIBI JAINAB said by ALLAH the veiled was lifted to reveal face of PARADISE our mother the face of FATIMATUZ ZAHRA
And they marched on till they reached outs cart of damask
And ass was given grass and horses was given husk
Yet children most noble human blood
Left in the market as the bearer of the standard for the business of GOD
There by the market from the balcony
Housewife saw plight of the children victim of the adult tyranny
She sent her servants to see if they could relive some of theirs need
She gave water and clothing and food to feed
And housewife was standing on balcony observing the Muslim shame
And Lady JAINAB said oh you who gave us all please tell who are you what is your name
The Housewife said i am ordinary but during my youth i served some one very special
I was her slave but she treated me as she treated her own NASAL
When i grew up she married me to this merchant of Sham
The House wife said before i got married i was the salve of the FATIMATUZ ZAHRAH the lady ISLAM
On my farewell i asked her for some advice for my future
She said be grateful to ALLAH on all conditions and be kind to his creature
She especially said be kind to the prisoners of wars if you come by any
It is she who made me the pound from what i spend some penny
I am grateful to you oh prisoners through you i have fulfilled command of my Mistress
But tell me who are you and why are you in such a distress
Lady ZAINAB said oh sister i am the daughter of the mother you speak of
But we at the hand of ALLAH we are free from every fear and Khauff
I testify through you and i fulfilled MAJEJA of that heavenly flower
FATIMATUZ ZAHRAH the Savior of humanity at the PULSIRATH hour
This is the story of pure Heaven polluted by the earthen hand
This are story AHLE BAITH as the marched with the KAFFIR band
Beraham Muharram Say's
I have heart full of mercy and belly full of rage

Abdul Malik ibn Umar Laysi Say's oh headless phantom
I saw metaphysical skulls in the Muslim kingdom
I saw in the palace of Kufa
The severed head of the Prince of Marrifa
I saw IMAM HUSAIN'S head in front ibn Ziad
Then head of Ziad in front of Muqtar Then head of Muqtar in front of Mushab in very momentary miad
Abdul Malik ibn Umar Laysi Say's oh headless phantom
When i told this skull rolling incident to Abdul Malik ibn Marwan
He immediately left that palace saying this are the signs of bad luck symptom

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Listen Headless Phantom and Bodiless Ghost
Hate filled ibn Ziad hit with snaky stick upon the lips
Which MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim loved most
Then when his head was brought in front of Muqtar
Front all one small snake enter
It went through ibn ziads nostril and came through his mouth
It went all over the head east west north and south
When snake left we took his head to the Masjid
There were other severed heads from his evil breed
There again snake appeared front of silent Ummah with loud hiss
There snake avoided every other heads it went only to ibn Ziad to give him his loving kiss

Said so by Fathimatuz Zahrah the flower of life
How dead parents was saved by the living wife
She said one day one maid came to my father
MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
She said she was the maid of the house whose husband was away from his hareem
She said her mistress told her to beg the Holy Prophet
If she can leave her house in her husbands absent
Because her husband urged her before his depart
Please do not leave your house and break my heart
Please do not leave the house when i am away
When i roam out and about confined you must stay
The maid said now trouble is this father of my mistresses is very seriously ill
And daughter wants to see her father before his last and final will
Now can my mistress go and see her dying father
Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD Sallel la Hu Alahi Wa Sallim Said
For every wife will of her husband is full and final before son brother father and mother
So the maid left with the answer only to return with more question
She said Oh Prophet of ALLAH my mistress sent me again to seek your opinion
She said my mistresses father has died leaving his wife on death bed
She is about to die for the men she wed
The shock was too much for mate for life
The maid said can now my mistress go and see her loving mother or remain the beloved wife
The Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim said NO
Without husbands permission no wife can go
The maid left only to return again
She said oh Prophet of ALLAH my mistress is in lots of suffering in lots of pain
Now her mother is also dead
The Prophet of ALLAH said tell your mistress to hold her faith in her heart
And ALLAH will release all her suffering all her pain from her head
Said so by Fathimatuz Zahrah the flower of life
Few day's later the husband returned and told his wife
You could have disregarded my will
My little request for your stay during my business trip was not so big deal
The wife said no my decision to stay was absolutely right
Because i saw my mother and father in same dream in three different night
I saw them in JANNAH in magnificent splendour
I saw them in the most wonderful grandeur
I asked them in my dream
What was the AMAL you did to achieve this highest esteem
They said this greatness are not for our AMAL but it is due to you
Because out entire AMAL was not enough for hell fires tiny due
We are saved not because we are pious father and mother
But because of your piety oh pious daughter
we are saved because in ISLAM
It is our children's Dua and Durood what can save the father and mother from JAHANNAM
According to the Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD Sallel la Hu Alahi Wa Sallam
Said so by fathimatuz Zahrah the flower of life
If humanity were to do SUJUD beside ALLAH that would be husband by his wife

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : One day the umbilical cord of the creation the heavenly feminine Star
Was grinding the stones as the life line between the tree and fruitful sons like the Ferdousi Flower
Yes she was Mother of Hasan and Husain daughter of MUHAMMAD and KHADIJA BiBi FATHIMATUZ ZAHRAH
She is the umbilical cord what sustains the creation but she was not grinding grain of food but only the dust of SAHARA
She is the daughter of BiBi KHADIJA and MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Who used to bind double boulders on his empty belly for her dietary Talim
No hunger and thirst was no problem but it was day of celebration
And she was from the noble tribe of Bani Hashem
Every one will wear something new something special for this festive day
But the tree was out door fighting the hurricanes and typhoons for sunrise of ISLAM with the NURANI ray
Imam HASAN and HUSAIN came to the Mother and said what are we to wear
She kept on grinding as deafness has took over the creations receiver and she cannot hear
Yet the Shahajada of every MUMIN kept on begging
So Mother said your dress are special so tailor is still cutting and sewing
So go and play it will come later
And Imam HUSAIN Said tell the tailor for me everything should be loose nothing tighter
Imam HUASAIN Said oh Mother tell the tailor our name he know our taste
So behind the children prayed her due SALAH without worry without haste
So said DUA oh dressier of plant petal rainbow and the peacock
And instantly on the door there came the Knock
The TAILOR sent JIBRILL hes best envoy
Nothing much just two heavenly dress for two earthen boy
This are the drops of happy moments from the river of pain
This are the happy moments of FERATH and KARBALA of timeless Imams HASAN and HUSAIN

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : There they live as Yazid but they die like HUSSEIN
By the land of blessed SADDAM and the river of pain
There by Ferath and Karbala
Markets are silent from chatters and graveyards are booming by ZIKKRULLAH
There the men dies in the planet of apes
As immoral blue films legalized by red tapes
There they live as Yazid but they die like SADDAM
There they live like Insaan but die like Adam
There in the womb of ancient civilization our enceinte Savage doom
Our deserted homes and crowded tomb
There we die the human race in the planet of monkey
By Arabian honuman and American donkey

Merciful Muharram Say" Heart of all Wasilah
Is the progeny of MUHAMMADUR Rasulullah
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallam
Therefore Fajilath of Karbala is the guarantee Nothing can brake the Silsilah of ISLAM
Ahle Baith
The chain of belief the Rope of Faith
How absurd yazid defeats the victorious apex
While signal from the finger of Imam can destroy even the destroyer Planet X
But this are food of thought beyond the belly of kharijikhinjir and sufiswine
Therefore the BEAST od Ahle Baith gives humanity wisdom  of the Blessed Ne Science Na Laynn
Merciful Muharram Say"s  Heart of Mumin feels love of Ahle Baith
Not  By the echo nor by the image

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