SWEETSWORDS 25 [ Karbala ]

SWEETSWORDS 25 [ Karbala ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
The very best Muslim by far.
People of Madinatul Munawwara,
The Al Ansar.
They are chosen by Prophet of Allah,
Muhammadur Rasulullah.
Sallel Lahu Alahi Wasallim.
Say AL Ansar is the very best of Human,
And there is none like him.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
How bad is really bad,
Trusting heart or careful head.
Scales ethics and balance of moral,
Legal mind and heart of the criminal.
Beraham Muharram Says Mother of Majeja,
Is the daughter of Bibi Khadija.
By the heart stopping hour and marching band.
And head of the Imam,
Upon the lancers hand.
They march on from tent of Karbala,
To the palace of Dumasc,
They march on with theirs liberated false pride,
With the
prisoners of Al Haqq.
They stopped by the unforgiving hour.
Sun was blazing upon the heavenly dew drops,
With the hellish power.
They left Princess of Islam in heat and dust.
And Kaffirs took shelters in the shade,
To quench theirs
satanic thirst.
Lady Sakeenah the child of Imam.
The water of Kawthar
Was burning like the lamp of Islam.
She saw tiny twig crating line of shadow.
There she with earth
She created a lumo like a pillow.
Under this plant she slept tired hungry and thirsty.
And the commander of Yazid said,
March on oh Hussaini party.
They marched on,
Leaving the lady Sakeenah behind.
And the lancer said by Allah,
Husain's dead head still hold its living mind.
He said suddenly lance became too heavy,
And fell from my hand.
There it stuck on the ground,
Like the mighty meteor heaven send.
No one can move it,
We tried even the horse power.
So the Kuffar went to Islam,
At theirs crisis hour.
They asked Imam Joinul Abedin for some advice.
They said your father refuse to move,
We tried every design and device.
They said please help us,
Tell us what to do.
The lance that was holding your fathers dead head,
Now it is holding his living Ruh.
So Imam went to Bihi Zainab,
And asked her to count the
He said please count the flowers,
From my fathers garden.
Father does not want to go forward,
Maybe some one is left behind.
And Bibi Zainab cried,
Oh Sakeena her we cannot find.
So Bibi Zainab run back
And saw Sakeenah was on the lap of a veiled Woman.
She was comforting her kissing her protecting her,
From the harshness of the desert,
And cruelty of men.
She was listening to the incident of Karbala,
And crying with Sakeenah in distress.
And Bibi Zainab went forward to this veiled Woman,
And thanked her for her kindness.
She said thank you lady for my sister.
But tell me who are you,
Wnd what you do in Sahara.
And Bibi Zainab said by Allah the veil was lifted,
To reveal heavenly face of our mother Fatimatuz Zohra.
And they marched on,
Till they reached city of damask.
And ass was given grass,
And horses was given husk.
Yet children most noble human blood.
Left in the market as the bearer of the standard,
For the business of God.
There by the market,
From the balcony.
Housewife saw plight of the children,
Victim of the adult tyranny.
She sent her servants,
To see if they could relive some of theirs need.
She gave water and clothing and food to feed.
And housewife was standing on balcony,
Observing the Muslim shame.
And Lady Zainab said oh you who gave us all,
Please tell us who are you what is your name.
The Housewife said I am ordinary mud,
But during my youth I served someone with heart of gold.
I was her slave,
But she treated me as she treated her own household.
When I grew up she married me
To this merchant of Sham.
The House wife said before I got married,
I was the salve of the Fatimatuz Zohra the lady Islam.
On my farewell I asked her,
To advice for my future.
She said be grateful to Allah on all conditions,
Wnd be kind to his creature.
She especially said be kind to the prisoners of wars,
If you come by any.
It is she who made me the pound,
From what I spend some
I am grateful to you oh prisoners,
Through you I have fulfilled command of my Mistress.
But tell me who are you,
And why are you in such a distress.
Lady Zainab said oh sister,
I am the daughter of the mother you speak.
But we at the hand of Allah,
It is only his wish we fulfill to seek.
I testify through you,
We fulfilled miracle of that heavenly
Fatimatuz Zohra the savior of humanity,
At the judgement hour.
This is the story of pureness of heaven,
Polluted by the earthen hand.
This are story Ahle Baith
As the marched with the Kaffir band.
Beraham Muharram Says.
I have heart full of mercy
And belly full of rage.