Karma Of Sarma 

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Hey Friend.  How ya been?  I have not heard from you in a while, and I was wondering...  Whats going on?  
Life seems the same, except for the fact that you no longer remain.  Your voice I still hear, and visions of you ascend clear.
There are so many things that i had planned for us.  You and me, trust.
Complexities and definitions of what is appropriate is something that will forever be.  Struggling to stay sane never has been difficult for me.  But, i continually find my self thinking, do you remember me?  Has my deeds gone unforgiven and forced you to be free?
Thoughts too true conversed.  Time will pass rehearsed, until stars align in the sky making it possible for you and I.  I still hope, you will duplicate all my new thoughts of friendships fate.

Copyright 2006 ERIKA HUDSON

"Please do not copy and/or distribute without author's permission"
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