SWEETSWORDS 30 [ The Sideless Section ]

SWEETSWORDS 30 [ The Sideless Sections ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
Drop of tear for Shaitan's sake.
By the rights of Allah,
For wrongs he must make.
Had he obeyed Allah,
There would be no Men on earth.
Drop of tears of Shaitan's sake,
For Humanities earthen birth.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
He who ascend in every fall.
Learning from mistakes,
Great and small.
He who drops like dripping drop.
He who falls like the rain,
On the mountain top.
And flows like the river,
Like a fallen lover.
Feeling the pain,
Falling to lose falling to gain.
Awaluddin Marifathullah Says : To select the sects of Islam,
I asked my walking stick in hurry.
It said very calmly,
That sects in Islam is seventy three.
And they are Hindu , Nasara, Yehudi, Buddhist.
And communist and terrorist.
All in Samsara are either Islamist or Satanist.
From Jinn to Adam,
Many Prophets came to humanity.
And every Prophet had only one duty.
To give Islamic Dawah,
And from womb of Jinn to womb of Hawa.
Only one group remained Muslim,
And rest adopted Kuffar.
And by the time gospel was sung,
It was seventy two sects who differ,
Shut theirs ears as to what Islam has to offer.
And now as Muslims are born,
And those who revert.
Yet some of them are Hindu some are Jew by theirs disbelief,
Muslims only by theirs trust.
And all those Kaffirs,
Only make one sect of Kuffar.
So seventy three can stand,
On the hour of Al Hashar.
And they will see people of Madhab.
They greet each other,
With peace and love.
As one of the Muslim of the singular sect,
And these are the fact of the Islamic sect,
What none can reject.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : The Sectarian groups of divided Inasan,
And the united gangs of Iblis the Shaytan.
One unites to strengthen theirs rebellious weakness.
Other divides to weaken theirs loyalist greatness.
One unites to fulfil theirs emptiness,
By accumulating to theirs goal.
Other divides to completeness,
By sacrificing from theirs whole.
Therefore hate not Shaitan,
For his envious nature.
His position is clear,
From his resentful desire.
His hate is the proof,
Love of Allah for Adam.
Therefore don't imprison,
Your heart with hate.
As hate is the Satanic freedom.
Mrs Be Aql khan Usta : Hell to all whom Allah forsake.
Hell to all evil defender,
And devils advocate.
Hell to evil and his devilish scheme,
Hell to accursed Shaitanur Razim.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Nothing can be developed,
Without from design of God.
Everything is his wiill,
Every evenness every odd.
Nothing can escape Allah's design,
Satanic symbols or Angelic sign.
Therefore Satan is a creature of Allah,
Who by power given by Allah made a choice.
With permission of Allah to take the path of disgrace.
He too was created by all mighty Allah,
He too was created by very essence of Muhammadur Rasulullah.
So to understand Satan,
You must understand Muhammadan reality.
To understand ugliness Satan,
You must understand Muhammadan beauty.
It was when Allah created the very first creation.
The most dazzling light illumination,
And ignited the womb of creation. By praising glory of the God.
And that very first praiseworthy essence was the light of my lord.
Sallel lahu alahi wasallim.
Very essence of praiseworthy Adam,
And the cursed Shaitanur Razim.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : In between clear Halal and clear Haram,
There is the uncertain doubtful.
The realm of suspicion,
Where confusion rule.
Therefore easy to recognise Muslim and Kaffir,
But not the Munafiq traitor.
And Shaitan is laying deceiving,
The untrustworthy evil fabricator.