Straight To The Heart

"King of the Jews"

On a distant hill three crosses stood,
one in the middle and a thief on each side.
The two on each side were hanged for crimes,
Jesus just hung there and died.

One of the thieves,
looked up to Jesus to repent.
The other just mocked Him,
to Hell he was sent.

The man in the middle,
now He was my Lord.
Worshiped by thousands,
by many abhorred.

Imagine Mary His mother,
standing by in such fear.
Knowing her Son was dying,
she shed many a tear.                                                  

The soldiers they laughed,
they mocked Him, the Christ.
Never realizing the gift,
Himself, He sacrificed.

They hanged Him for no crime,
‘King of the Jews' was His sin.
They didn't believe He was Savior and Lord,
that He would one day die for all men.

He cried, “Father forgive them,
they know not what they do!”
What would have happened,
had it been left up to you?

Would you have denied Him,
just led Him to die?
Or would you have knelt there,
with tears in your eye?

Imagine Jesus, as He gave up the Ghost,
shed His blood for our sins, paid the ultimate price.
Will you tell Him today how sorry you are,
ask Him into your heart, to be your Christ?

Jesus never turns His back or walks away,
He gives you a chance to open  your heart's door.
Once you invite Him in, you won't be the same,
You won't walk without Him beside you anymore.

Copyright 2006 © Sherri Lynn Whittaker January 22, 2006

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`King of the Jews`

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