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Black Ships

Black ships slipping through the rising mist
Oars raised in salute to the just rising sun
Then muffled in padded rowlocks dipping
Slicing the running tide a new journey begun
Spray flying high drenches naked Shaman
Standing there in the narrow stern all alone
Keening charms to the cutting bitter wind
Following the path of sacred lodestone
Pointing on and ahead
For that and all days
Faithfully steering
Following its way
Shaman obeys
Sacred friend
Safely to
Journey's end
No destination known
Just following the path
He had tranced and over flown
That broad path clear cut extending
Across those waters and out of sight
Steadily surely advancing on towards
Landings still  hidden beyond the night
In a response to those Shamanic dreams
Mystic land of plenty for a life of more ease
At lodestones promised end only to be reached by
Black ships slipping through rolling rising stormy seas

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Black Ships