Words unspoken, Words unread!

Alphabet war.........

A is for aggressor, they're the ones who start wars,
B is for breath, when a bullet takes yours.
C is for Chieftain, a great British tank,
D for the death in trenches so dank.

E for endowment that the army will give,
F for the funeral in case you don't live.
G is for guns, that you carry around,
H for the heather, when you're dead on the ground.

I is identity, the tags round your neck,
J for the jangles, while on sentry you check.
K for the killer with weapon in hand,
L for the love of your quiet homeland.

M for my mother, my mentor is she,
N is for nurture, what she did then for me.
O you obliterate any foe you will see,
P for the pacifists and for peace is their plea.

Q for the Queen and the country they fight,
R is the rapier aimed with optical sight.
S for the soldiers who've been trained in the field,
T for the tanks and the power they yield.

U the unexpected sights you will see,
V is for victory and the love of the free.
W for the wounded, which I hope you stay clear,
X is for xenon and the chemicals we fear.

Y for the youths this poem may teach,
Z is for zenith, put your hands out and reach.

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