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The Museum

I cross the Seine at the Place d'Alma
I have been in Paris six days
And have yet to visit the Louvre

I stood this morning in the Metro-
A long haired young man played the flute
His music echoed off the white tiled walls
Like a celestial tune played in some ethereal chamber of heaven

Two young women escorted a score of six year olds-
Obviously a field trip to the Arc d'Triumph
An old man with only one leg sat with his crutches
Waiting for Metro riders to throw francs in his hat

I listen to the sounds of the flute player
I watch the teachers with their pupils walking in a neat line
I look at the crippled man with his hat open for francs
I walk through the crowded Metro

I hear the music
I see the children
I throw a franc into the hat
I board the train for the Louvre