SWEETSWORDS 40 [ The Cosmic Egg ]

SWEETSWORDS 40 [ Cosmic Criterion ]

Poga Humayun Dundiwala
The hidden soul of beings,
And perception of the manifest flesh.
Open art of intelligence,
And secrets of intuitive finesse.
Victorious heart,
And love of submission.
Genuine lover,
And cosmetic emotion.

Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
Enters the door,
For travelers on detour.
And in tavern of ruin,
Some homeless Bedouin.
Awaits for latest post.
And postman Ali,
Delivers daily.
Door to door coast to coast.
Enters the entire,
The Singular Man with Genetic pair.
Common heart and unique mind,
Front of forward and back of behind.

Mr Barzakh Ullah : Space is the leg of the matter,
And time is the head.
Between this head and tail,
Resides belly for sustenance,
For energy to be fed.
Feminine food for masculine might.
For power to light the womb,
Father of the day consumes mother of the night.
Feminine mind sustaining,
Hungry phallus.
Food for thoughts,
For the instinctive carcass.


Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : If brain is feminine,
Then what gender is the heart.
If mind is the feminine womb,
Where all thoughts enter,
Then what gender is the place they depart.
What gender is tender moments,
What gender is hard times.
What gender is loyal punishment,
What gender is rebellious crimes.
What is the gender of heartless person,
What gender is the empathy.
What is the gender of cruel person,
What gender is the sympathy.

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : Heart is the center,
Therefore it is the space.
And heart brain is the womb,
Where mindfulness has made base.
Heart is the room,
Where intuitive groom visits for intellectual thought.
For thoughts to turn into thinking,
Intelligence of mind it must sought.
So if you want to make your heart soft,
Then make your brain strong.
With right thinking and by avoiding thoughts,
That inspires to commit wrong.
Make your brain strong enough,
What does not need any comfort.
Make your mind strong enough,
What can tolerates every idiot.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : To make my heart softer,
I made my tongue numb.
I deprived it from every other tastes,
Beside peaceful speech of Islam.
Then to make it even more tender.
I killed my sex,
To became his gender.
I became honey in his bitter home.
Now to keep my heart softer,
I let my heart talk to Allah,
With the voiceless volume.