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Afraid of the Dark

Deep in my stomach something hurts
An emotion has reached every inch of my being
The coil within is burning
And my hands are shaking
Like lightning, it hit me hard and quick
This world is sick
The sun is burning
And it's heart is hurting
The stars are weeping
And the earth is scared
God is watching
God is grieving
What happens when the lights are turned off?
Or when they all disappear?
And who's hand will hold mine ‘till the day I die?
Every time this earth quakes in my soul
I'm afraid
It'll be pitch black
And I want to know you'll stay on my side,
Trembling with me
Weeping with me
Sharing the same love,
The same hate
Holding my hand
In the dark
Until we both reach paradise

~DaYnA e. 1/27/06

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Afraid of the Dark