A Synthetic Soul

Every Drop

Gritting your teeth, crueltys can be unshown by our face
Still this residule feel has yet been taken away.

Where's that bullet with my name in mind.
This is just as gripping as these thoughts of mine.

These tears may fall from my eyes yet not from my face
Rinsed in the pain you feel, You're not the first to have been replaced.

You can shed them more and more and even nonstop
That won't bring love back to you. Remember this time you've lost.

Make a river from the tears. Why does the rain feel different when in it drops.
Still over your face. Perhaps this is on yourself what you've brought .

Insane how you cannot drink away your pain
Nor can you even flush it from your veins.

Yet you find so many ways to close your eyes
As like regret has decayed so many men's lives.

Just drowning yourself within that cause you've sought.
Sick and numb forgetting your love with every last drop.

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