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In 2000 I was working on a book project in South Africa with Norah Lillian. She asked me to write a tribute to Nelson Mandela, a hero of mine anyway, for his birthday.  I lost interest in this project when she sadly died January 2001.  I read this poem again today for the first time since then.  She liked it then, I like it now; here it is in tribute to two special people: Norah Lillian who believed in me and Madiba (his popular name) who inspired me and many others with his dignity and goodness.

Madiba walked from Seal Island
Bringing hope to his bruised land
Speaking words of conciliation
Peace and love to every man
Wiping out those years of grey
Returning colour to his land
Smiling face to light the nation
Guiding by his caring hand
People thought he walked on water
But Madiba said I am only me
I am human and I am feeble
But I am here and I am free
Leading by his example
Madiba eased his people's pain
Creating one strong nation
Walking tall once again

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