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Ghost Story vi - concluded

There's trouble up on Top Moor Top
Since word has spread the rounds
That Mad Meg and her Heathcliffe
Are an item in central spirit town
And Cathy's just not having it
They say she's spitting blood
Heathcliffe's hiding way out back
For his and Mad Meg's good
He remembers Cathy's temper
Recalls his feelings of disgrace
When in front of all his family
She'd smacked him in the face
He loves his Mad Meg dearly
But old feelings do run deep
Apparently he's been shouting
Both names out in his sleep
But Meg has solved the problem
Such a dear sweet young soul
She looks at things from all sides
Before considering the whole
She's written a note to Cathy
Saying how much she understands
And quietly and sincerely
Offering Cathy friendship's hand
She met her up on Top Moor Top
Behind Old Heathcliffe's back
They shared a communal coffee
By the side of Top Moor Track
Now they get along together
All three as good as gold
For Meg went and suggested
A blend of love both new and old
So they all moved in together
Such a happy little band
They are the talk and the envy
Of the folks in spirit land
And Heathcliffe dear Heathcliffe
Loves them both with love so deep
Though much of his time is now
Spent in his exhausted sleep
So peace has been restored
Up there on Top Moor Top
And neither Kathy nor Mad Meg
Want this situation to ever stop
The peaceful atmosphere is back
Down below in the old town
Ever since the loving three
All went and settled down
The night busses have started running
And folk catch them without care
For Mad Meg no longer haunts them
With baleful and hideous stare
Mad Meg of the Moors they called her
A veritable trophy spirit doll
So full of love and confidence since
She became Old Heathcliffe's moll

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