Words unspoken, Words unread!

The Ultimate Test

A military emblem embedded in stone,
This Great British soldier lies here all alone.
Was sent to a conflict his future unknown,
And yet this young soldier had not fully grown.

At the age of nineteen this young man had died,
He had worn his brass cap badge with dignity and pride.
The field of a battle, his soul it did take,
A sacrifice made for freedoms sake.

Your brother, your father, your husband or son,
Without their courage we could not have won.
Their lives they then gave for freedom for you,
If the tables were turned, could you do that too?

He left all his kin-folk in a land he did love,
And was taken by Angels to the Lord up above.
On the day they did take him and layed him to rest,
This Great British soldier,"passed the ultimate test."

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