Words unspoken, Words unread!


Well Dad I'm sat here thinking,
Of the days we've left behind.
The day you died hurt me so much,
Can't life be so unkind?

Like the day I joined the army,
At the age of sixteen years.
You drove me to the station,
Where we shed a thousand tears.

I'd come home on a fortnights leave,
Drop my kit off, call a car.
We'd end up with your army mates,
Chin-wagging at the bar.

Then the day you died and left us,
And I could not help you so.
Was the day I lost my lifelong friend,
Of my love I told you so.

I hope we'll meet again someday,
As my life is sure to cease.
But until that day my dear old man,
May you now just rest in peace.

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