Words unspoken, Words unread!

My Lady With A Smile

As I glance on through your letters,
Such love we rarely see.
Those words that bring me comfort,
Say you are a part of me.

My angel from the heavens,
My lady with a smile.
Your photographs I hold so dear,
Though you're gone just a little while.

Be safe in the knowledge I'm always yours,
My angel from the skies.
The day will come I'll hold you close,
Then no more tear filled eyes.

No more need for postage stamps,
Or cards with loving rhymes.
I promise that my love is true,
In these awful lonely times.

Such times won't always rule me,
Then my life with you I'll share.
I will show you all the love I hold,
I will show how much I care.
                      I LOVE YOU............        

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