Words unspoken, Words unread!

What I miss

What are the things I truly miss,
Of the years I've left behind.
A mothers love, My fathers smile,
And friends so warm and kind.

I miss the smell of my mothers clothes,
I miss her soothing touch.
I miss the chats we used to have,
Mum I miss you very much.

I miss my fathers lucid tones,
I miss his strength and love.
I miss his friendship, truth and trust,
Now he's with the lord above.

I miss my friends of years gone by,
From a life so far away.
The times we spent together then,
Were fun most every day.

I miss my dog, my loving pet,
I love you still my friend.
You really kept me safe back then,
That love will never end.

I miss my nan and granddad,
I miss my mum and dad.
I miss the warmth and security of,
When I was just a lad.  

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