Words unspoken, Words unread!

Until We Meet Again

My dear boy, it's Daddy here,
These words I write to you.
You knew that Daddy had been ill,
And my days were very few.

On the day that you came to this world,
In my arms I held you tight.
Your Mothers love, her precious gift,
The most amazing sight.

I'm sorry Son, I won't be there,
Through your awkward teenage years.
To guide you passed your problems,
Or your future hopes and fears.

But do not worry, you're not alone,
Your mothers by your side.
To have lived and loved you both so much,
Gives me unbounded pride.

I have not gone, I did not die,
I'm the sun, the cloud, the rain.
Look after Mum my dear Son,
"Until we meet again."
                     Your loving Father.

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