Words unspoken, Words unread!

Our Christmas Secret

Many many years ago,
In a place so far away.
There was a man called Santa Claus,
Who you saw on a special day.

That special day was Christmas,
Very quietly he would creep.
Leaving presents as he went,
But only if you were asleep.

For Santa travelled round the world,
With his reindeer's and his sleigh.
He gave so many presents out,
And all on Christmas Day.

He'd slide down through your chimney,
Or he'd magic through your door.
Cos' Santa wasn't very big,
He was only five foot four.

There's times the kids would wake up,
With bells ringing in their ears.
They'd suddenly find that Santa's been,
Leaving happiness And cheers.

But some they doubt he's real,
These stories we hear aren't true.
But I have seen Dear Santa Claus,
That's why I'm telling you.  

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