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England's Rugby World Cup 2003

(From a Welshman's perspective)

England have just won the rugby,
The World Cup two thousand and three.
I don't think I'll ever get over it,
I'm a Welshman and proud you see.

We certainly played some great rugby,
In Australia, unhampered by rain.
I'm hoping that this years six nations,
Will produce that same rugby again.

A Dragon so true adorns our Welsh flag,
A Dragon so fierce and strong.
A flag that will never be lowered,
Where there's Welshmen that flag will belong.

Whether out on that field doing battle,
Or singing arias as one of a crowd.
These people I stand with before you,
Are a nation so loyal and proud.

To the fifteen who stand in red jersey's,
There are scores you need to put right.
You've millions of people behind you,
Who will walk every step of that fight.

Tackle them hard, compete every scrum,
And turn every ball that they ruck.
To the players I say, "keep up the good work,"
From this Welshman I bid you good luck.

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