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SWEETSWORDS 36 [prayer ]

SWEETSWORDS 36 [ Prayer ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Oh ALLAH cure me from this pain and disease
Oh ALLAH take care of me from this difficulty and give me some ease
Oh ALLAH i know you know
My soaring pleasure and bearing sorrow
Oh ALLAH cure me so i may bear
With my narrowing pain and growing prayer

Oh ALLAH cure me from this pain and disease
Oh ALLAH take care of me from this difficulty and give me some ease
Oh ALLAH i know you know
When i feed pain from the seed i sow
Oh ALLAH cure me so i may care
With my dieing pain and living tear

Poga SAY'S in a foolington maze

Air is heavy with pollen and scent sky is red blue and white
Intriguing whispering blossoms pulsating heart will he come will he not in this lazy still twilight
Air is heavy with pollen and scent and dusk is growing darker
Will he come at final hour or rota will remain with absent marker

Air is heavy with pollen and scent and dark night appear
Oh ALLAH you so close yet so far like a veil between my silent eyes and strident ear
Oh ALLAH you are with all but will i be without tonight
A thought in foolington maze when air is heavy with pollen and scent and sky is red blue and white

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : For every disease there is the cure
By IBN ARABI'S halal magic or Dr MAX IMUS'S medicinal kuffr
With magical Jinn and mechanical machine fight the disease
Cure your self to bring the ease
For every disease there is the cure
By rotting vinegar or sprouting camphor
Therefore BARZAKH what is cure for your asininity
What is the tonic the treatment for your insanity

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : While my Fitrathullah instinct is the essence of my body the most desired Nafsi part is my face
The most explicit design upon the most basic base
Then the most prominent feature that rule mu build
It is my BE AQL head with her werguild
Now what could be more valuable except the head
Apart from RUHANI consciousness that distinguishes the living from the dead
These are the four state of FITRATH NAFS AQL AND RUH
For sharriatic quiz with marrifatic clue
It is like first there is this innate PRANA
Then desire was fused to detonate the SPANDANA
At the third state came i the intelligent ego
Telling the three dimensional physical tale with fourth cubical spiritual logo
This is the theory of relativity by the sign of four
The spiritual tale the laduni lore
It is like first GOD created the vocational spiritual calling niche
Then therein he placed the intelligent light within the BE AQL mind with her spacious reach
It is like first there was the small cubical OM
Then circle was created by illuminating big bang bomb
At the third stage came the the Nafsi timer the oil of olive
By four he placed the Fitrathullah lamp the Amardeep within the materialistic Adam's rib
Therefore oh BE AQL for treatment of disease four aspect of human conditions must be taken into consideration
His physical emotional intellectual and his spiritual relation
It is the physics of Nafsi air and Fitrathullah sand dune
The innate earth under impulsive arid Arabian simoon and wet Indian monsoon
It is like the baked human clay under attack by humid satanic steam
The visual angelic fire and the vocal spiritual dream
It is botany of the SEED TRUNK LEAF and FLOWER
About geological weakness and astronomical power
It is the ILM E MARRIFFA the teaching of our FITRATHULLAH SEED and EARTH
And the desire of breathing AIR with our sprouting NAFSI birth
Then with the BE AQL leaves we gather the FIRE in our TRUNK
And we hear the RUHANI SOUND of death by Forrest fire with our floral ANKH
It is here between death of thee tree and the birth of the seed
The spiritual discussion they both hear and read
It is here Lay's the secret of treatment as the tree prepares for the death
And ripens the FRUIT by RUHANI consciousness for its afterlife health
It is here the most auspicious square formula that holds the most vicious round
The knowledge of Fitrathullah  EARTH Nafsi AIR Be Aql FIRE and the Ruhani SOUND
Therefore oh BE AQL to treat my insanity you must recognize what is my position in the state of insan
My honest BARZAKH or manifest BE IMAN

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Ahem.. erm..


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