Words unspoken, Words unread!

Sweet Sweet Lady

You dream of me, I dream of you,
I dream of all the things we'll do.
I'll hold you in my arms so tight,
Then kiss each and every night.

My darling ---------, my own true love,
Who shines much more than the stars above.
The love that you've placed in my heart,
Will keep me strong while we're apart.

No more worries, hurt or stress,
Only love and tenderness.
The love that you have shown to me,
Will grace my life for eternity.

We'll soon be walking hand in hand,
Leaving soft sweet footprints in the sand.
When I leave the army, my heart will be free,
Then I'll show you all the love in me.

Sweet sweet lady, love of mine,
I've never known a heart so fine.
So next time when you dream of me,
Just dream of love and there I'll be.  

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