Words unspoken, Words unread!


"Business as usual", said the sign on the door,
Pushed down on the handle, saw blood on the floor.
I looked to the left, put my hand on the wall,
Then pressed on the light switch and hello I did call.

No answer forthcoming, no noise from upstairs,
My heart in my mouth, to the Lord I gave prayers.
More blood on the carpet as I strode in the shop,
I tried to calm down but my heart wouldn't stop.

I thought then of carnage and of scenes I knew not,
Whether someone was stabbed or had even been shot.
Were the culprits still there? Then my knees they did quake,
But this was one chance I was willing to take.

So I looked all around for the man and his wife,
No sign of a struggle, Yet no sign of life.
I walked 'round the corner to the foot of the stairs,
Put my hand on the handrail, saw blood on the chairs.

My concern it now grew for this man and his wife,
While thinking what scumbag could have taken a life.
And then out of nowhere, a voice I then heard,
"I know what I'm doing, now don't be absurd."

Then the man and his wife, from they did come,
"What colour paint do you reckon then son."
I looked at them both and gave a broad grin,
Red is your best bet, For there's a hole in the tin.
                                                   "Bloody Paint."


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