Words unspoken, Words unread!

Pride of Wales

The hills and vales I look upon,
Could offer you some tales.
The pride that runs throughout my veins,
As I stand once more in Wales.

This country I was born in,
With a beauty plain to see.
And as you travel round in Wales,
You'll know the pride in me.

A warm and welcoming people,
No matter where you go.
From Rhyl to Tonypandy,
Or Fishgaurd to Nant-y-Glo.

A nation of great passion,
With choirs of good voice.
The best six nations rugby team,
In that we can rejoice.

Wales is now and always be,
Home sweet home to me.
And there's no other place in this whole world,
Where I would rather be.
                       Cymru am Byth.

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