Words unspoken, Words unread!

Boots and bed blocks

On the day I left my place of birth,
And joined the big bad world.
A young man just enlisted,
What tests would be unfurled?

I got up to the barracks,
On a day so cold and damp.
A bus trip from the station,
To the gates of Bramcote camp.

The Junior Leaders Regiment,
Of The Royal Artillery.
The Provost Sergeant stood outside,
With his eyes transfixed on me.

"Get out of there you scumbags,"
Or words to that effect.
Some lads just grabbed their kit and left,
Not I will he eject!

I saw what lay before me,
And knew what life I'd miss.
And through those first initial days,
I knew I'd conquer this.

Bulling boots and bed blocks,
Beastings in the gym.
Getting up at five o'clock,
For a run, or for a swim.

To the lads I met in eighty three,
You're the best I've ever met.
A place forever in my heart,
I truly won't forget.

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