Words unspoken, Words unread!

The Streets Of London

I'm sat outside and soaking wet,
I'm hungry and freezing cold.
I'd been told to go to London,
Where the streets are paved with gold.

I guessed it wouldn't be easy,
Though I never knew how hard.
I've no cash in my pocket,
And my bed's made out of card.

I got myself a sleeping bag,
The Sally Army I thank for that.
If it wasn't for the gift they gave,
I'd be another homeless stat'.

At daytime I'd walk 'round London,
At night, to the handouts to eat.
There's tea, coffee and sandwiches,
For those people who live on the street.

Most of the public ignore you,
And others say "go get a job".
But there for the grace of God go I,
You self-righteous ignorant snob.

I became one of the fortunate people,
Employment I was able to find.
And now as I walk around London,
The streets, still with homeless their lined.

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