SWEETSWORDS 33 [ The Merciful ]

SWEETSWORDS 33 [ The Merciful ]
Poga Humayun Dundiwala
The basis of reasoning over all.
After the faith in Allah,
To love and be kind to the people.
Poga Says in The Foolington Maze
To the strangers.
To love and compassion,
Came the Merciful Messenger.
He said be kind in every matter,
Love and kindness is the way of your Creator.
Allah is The Merciful,
He loves pity.
So don't be harsh and cruel,
Let kindness be your humanitarian duty.
Awaluddin Marifathullah Says : She used to place thorns,
To injure his lotus like feet.
She used to place acacia thorns,
In Arabian street.
She tried her worst,
Till she was taken down.
By the malady,
Misery and mourn.
She used to place thorns.
Now she was placed on bed of nails,
Down with her wasting,
Waining worry and wails.
She was expecting none,
Yet he came.
With voice of hope and comfort,
At her hour of shame.
She was expecting none
Yet he came.
Because mercy to the Creation,
He must bestow by Allah's name.
He is Muhammad,
Sallel lahu alahi wasallim.
The Prophet of the meriful,
Ar Rahmanur Rahim.
She used to place thorns
At path of Muhammad
Sallel lahu alahi wasallim.
Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : As he drunk from same breast of mother hired,
He knew through instinct,
Other mammary gland was for sibling who shared.
Milk the very best of food and drink combined,
As an infant he used his innate intuition as he dined.
Even as baby he was Nabi,
The messenger supreme.
He is my master Muhammad,
Sallal lahu alahi wasallaim.
Even as baby he was Nabi,
Messenger of Allah.
La ilaha illel la,
Muhammadur Rasulullah.
To selecting single spring,
From the double stream.
What stopped him,
From drinking from other udder.
It was not his brother,
Or his milk mother.
It was Bibi Halima who stopped him,
To drink from both of her breast.
Yet he drunk only from one side,
And left other for the rest.
Even as an infant he was the Merciful.
Glory and praises be upon him,
In the creation of Allah there is none more graceful.
Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta :
A poacher trapped a deer,
And tied it to a tree.
By its front paw and rear.
So it is unable to run free.
The deer was unable to move,
There was no way to escape.
It could hardly scream,
As noose was gripping its nape.
Prophet of Allah was passing by,
And saw the plight of the animal.
He came closer to check,
The deer's distress signal.
Deer pleaded to Rasulullah,
Calling him oh Merciful.
Its mouth was dry,
Yet lips was frothy with saliva and drool.
It cried oh Prophet of Allah,
With heart rendering misery and moan.
It cried oh Merciful,
At my home I have two milk dependant fawn.
Without my milk they will starve to death.
They will cry for me,
Until they are out of breath.
They have just started eating grass,
And drinking water.
Yet still needs mother's milk,
For theirs nutritional nurture.
If I can feed them one last time,
And say goodbye to my fawns,
They too will learn to survive,
As the seeds learn once they are sown.
Please Prophet of Allah,
Let me feed them one last time.
I will be back after feeding them,
I promise by Allah the sublime.
The Prophet waited for poacher to return,
And then urged him on the name of Allah.
Asking him to release the deer,
Because feeding itís fawns must be taken care.
The poacher said if I release it,
Deer will never come back again.
It never return to the killing fields,
For his death to entertain.
The Prophet said release it,
I will remain as the security.
Please let it go to feed its fawns,
Show some compassion and pity.
Poacher said I will let it go out of curiosity,
If the deer does not return you will pay for your stupidity.
The deer rushed to itís fawns,
And drink for one last time.
To feed you I have committed,
The most horrendous crime.
I have bonded Prophet of Allah,
To feed you of my children.
So drink and let me go,
Before my love becomes my eternal burden.
Children said we wont drink,
Leaving Prophet of Allah as hostage.
We drink to save our life,
But not for our soul to ravage.
So the mother deer said ok,
Let us all go and submit to the poacher.
We redeem my selfish deed,
By keeping Prophet of Allah as the voucher.
When the mother deer returned,
With her both children.
Poacher looked on dumbstruck,
To civilities of the wildren.
How can wild beast be so honest and true,
His eyes become tearful,
As in his unbelieving heart faith grew.
He fell down to his knees,
And cried in tears.
Oh Prophet Allah please forgive my stupidity,
And show me the way to amend my arrears.
Guide to path of righteousness,
I accept deen of Islam.
I hesitated to let one deer go,
Yet three came back to fulfil theirs committed term.
I declare in sincerity you are indeed,
The Rasulullah,
Muhammad Sallel lahu alahi wasallam.
Indeed you are the Merciful Prophet of Allah.
La ilaha illel la,
Muhammadur Rasulullah.