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You came slinking back into my world, smiling like a hungry dog...
What do you want? My life is orderly and safe. I am finally happy, and fulfilled. What do you hope to accomplish by this outrageous behavior?
You had a place with me once, but your choice was the wide open highway,onto which you ran, wagging your tail, sniffing back and forth for any exciting scents that aroused your curiosity.I called you back, and I tried to be good to you...but you wouldn't wear a collar, and you didn't like the fence. You are a good dog, and you want to be loved; but you are too wild to live in my house. I love you, but I dare not come close to you...I am afraid of your bite, and I am cautious of your changing focus. You have no trust in me, and I cannot trust you. Our time in this life is past, and will never return again.I am saying no to you, run along again back into the woods, or onto the dusty road, but just leave me alone, I don't want a dog any more.

Ramona Gibson

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