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With each second your end draws near. Then the Angel
Of death appears. The guilty will be in a state of fear
But they find no assistance here.

In a state of inebriation having imbibed
Neither drug nor drink ... In a state of confusion
Not really knowing what to think.

Well, I must be dreaming, yeah, that’s it I'm
Having a nightmare. I’ll awaken shortly because
There is no afterlife, no Heaven or Hell.

No one really believes in an angel of death,
Certainly not me because I am an educated person
With several college degrees.

My sense perceptions are in tact because at this very moment
I feel warm hands on my cold body as I lie uncomfortably
On my back. Back? That’s odd … I never sleep on my back.

I cannot move, hmmm, I can’t figure this out? Oh, that’s right,
I having a dream; Still, I know people are near. I hear voices
As they talk and footsteps as they walk.

Autopsy … Hmmm? Autopsy, AUTOPSY?
No, I’m not dead, what must I do to
Make them stop?

Must I shout? Must I scream? How can I wake myself from this
Horrible dream? I hear their shoes against the floor as they
Shuffle about. Do I have to become obnoxious and curse them out?

Why won’t they listen to me? I know that this is only a dream
But even in a dream I cannot allow them to carry out this autopsy

I must be dreaming, yeah, yeah that’s it … this is a nightmare?
I’ll awaken shortly because everyone knows that there is no
Afterlife, no heaven no hell.

I’ll be fine once I awaken from this horrible night.
If that’s true, why am I becoming filled with
Such a sense of fright?

I can hear every word they say but they have not
responded to a single query that I’ve made today.
Maybe they are deaf because I am certainly speaking
Loud enough to be heard but still they have not
Responded with a single word.

It is as though I’m speaking in an inaudible foreign
Language of which they cannot relate. Or is it that
They are poorly educated and cannot understand when
I articulate?

Those imbecilic fools aren’t making
Any sense. They are speaking of me in the past tense …
As though I’m dead.

Dead! I’m not dead, that’s ridiculous. Dead?
Well, I’ll be glad when this dream is over.
It is such an unusual dream and in my mind
It's as clear as a bell … an Angel of death an
Afterlife and even a Heaven and Hell.

My mind I feel I’m about to lose...  I have never
Been so bewildered and confused.
That’s strange, that quack masquerading
As a doctor is putting an electric saw to my skull.
Oh no, this dream is insane, he just removed my brain.

To the top of his voice he silently screams, God …
Oh God … my God Pleeese! To you my Lord I humbly
Pray. Then the Reality becomes clear as he hears a
Thunderous voice say, "there is No Mercy in store
For you this day."

This is no dream and none will answer your prayers or take
Notice of your screams. Finally, you have acknowledged
That your body is cold and that you are cyanotic. You
Realize this is no dream … and praying that you are
Just psychotic.

As Rigor Mortis sets in you realize, you have no helper
Or friend who can release you from this situation you're
In. Never before did you care to where your errant
Ways were leading, now to your Lord you find yourself

For another chance at leading ... a righteous life …
You would do anything for a release from this strife.
From the Straight Path you did turn away …
Now because of your sinful ways there will be
No good in store for you this day.

And this is just the beginning, this place where
you temporarily dwell. Yes, this is just the beginning
For you are still a long … long way from Hell.
Now, you want to pray but before this you were content
And never felt any need to repent.

Never did you meditate or contemplate
Nor make time to think about The Divine.
You were engrossed in this Earthly
Life of deception and the drinking of
Fine wine.

You preferred fornication while in an
Inebriated state of worldly intoxication
Your soul cried out for spiritual edification.
Now, that the mourners have departed and you lay
In your tomb broken hearted, as time slowly crawls by …

In Your grave you will definitely cry.
Each second becoming sadder …
Wishing you hadn’t taken Religion as a light matter.
Although you are cyanotic, to your dismay
You realize that this is no dream, nor are you

In your decadent worldly life you knew no shame, now;
There is no one else upon whom to place the blame.
Finally, you acknowledge that you are,
"Guilty as charged." And now it is your
Time to pay.

Now, regretting having accepted the Devils' Gold ... regretting
Having sold your soul, there is none to assist you from this
Abysmal hole of agony as you painfully contort and squeal ...
Regretting the sinful manner in which you abused the gift of
Limited free will.

Now, locked in Barzakh you grieve. But, remember it
Was you who chose to disbelieve. By this
Illusionary life you were deceived. Now,
You must pay for your misdeeds.Your real
And never ending life is about to begin.

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2006

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