Irish/Celtic/Poet Hud

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 "Life is like a string of pearls, those stringy bits in-between seem to tie everything nicely together" -Hud-

 "I never ceased to be amazed just how many times the universe weaves its magic" -Hud-

 "Flying Phoenix soars so high in the nights sky only to crash in a screaming blaze of glory" -Hud-

 "Life is so fleeting, moments are compressed into time intervals that makes up our short existence"  -Hud-

 " Words are such powerful tools, in shaping the world, in which we live" -Hud-

 "Senility is nature's way of saying "You are all right mate" But you can't remember why?" -Hud-

 "We are all masters of our own destinies, freedom from the shackles that tie us to the material world" -Hud-

 "To find such deep and for-filling needs from another is truly astounding" -Hud-

 "The more I look into the complexity of the universe......the more beauty I see" -Hud-

 "Affairs of the heart, can either lift you up to heaven or burn you to a crisp" -Hud-

 " Sometimes we don't enjoy the simple things in life, we have forgotten how to live life to the full" -Hud-

 "Life is one big journey into the unknown but your life experiences are felt by future generations linked to us"-Hud-

Copyright Hud 2006-2012  Writer/Poet/Philosopher, All rights reserved worldwide.

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