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beyond the stars

it would be an awfully big adventure
I thought when I'd had the idea
if I could make a ship of flight
that would travel through the atmosphere
I would steer my ship of pots and pans
cardboard boxes and plastic plates
through universes unknown to man
to deepest darkest space
the thrill to me was not knowing
what a six year old could do
this feeling kept my excitement growing
as I searched for life anew
I'd see little green men in orange socks
like the ones from my cereal packets
I'd see purple things on lilac rocks
playing tennis without rackets
the outer regions of the milky way
taste far better than on earth
and if you've ever flown your ship to mars
you'll know you get your monies worth
the theme-park is on Jupiter
the swimming pool's on Venus
the cinema's next to Pluto
there's a strange smell on Uranus
you can enjoy a hamburger on Saturn
or skate around it's rings
and if you still have any space dust left
you can watch 'my fair Martian sings'
best of all you can eat all day
never worry about your weight
their motto is 'we love everyone
we have no room for hate'
so next time you see a movie
where the Martians come to kill
know that this is man's fear campaign
we'd shoot them on 'god's will'
I had the most enjoyable time
getting drunk in mercury's bars
you see there is no consent of age
when you drink beyond the stars
I would love to have stayed
there was so much more to see
but I heard my mommy call from faraway
that it was time for tea

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