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This is an e-mail  we received from our daughter today.  
She lives in another state. I love the imagery of her writing

Greetings Folks,

 It was so beautiful outside today and so bitterly cold.
The kids across the street were sledding
and making a snowman earlier.  

We could hear their screams of delight
and frostbite from our kitchen window.


Birds and one solitary squirrel were happily enjoying
bread and seeds that we tossed out earlier.  

They were a nice sight to view as we poured cup
after cup of coffee, trying to warm our throats and bodies.

I started feeding the birds right away when it got soooo cold.
Got this new birdfood and the wild birds love it.  

It is very affordable and
 really drew some unusual ones.  
The woodpecker rarely gets near enough to even see,
much a less take his picture.  

He loved this food tho and
came back over and over again.  

An interesting thing about him was that underneath
 his belly &  his tail feathers the color is a bold yellow.  
It's the like the color of the line down the middle of the road.

At first I thought it was just his tail, but when he took
off I could see him spread his wings.  
They were the same shocking yellow.

Very cool!  Not sure why God made them that color.
Perhaps it's so that things looking up see only the brightness of
the sun. It's just a thought.

 I  mean doves have pale blue
like the sky so that they blend in…
or maybe it's just because it is artsy and unique!
He does have racing strips at his neck after all.


I also saw a brown thrasher eating
what fell to the ground.  
Saw some of the ones that I call "Easter Egg Birds".  

They look like sparrows in size and shape,
but are blue greyish with bellys that are white...like
when eggs get dipped while being dyed.

And even a few that I had not seen here before.
The roads are in extremely bad shape and we are
suppose to have more light sleet in the morning.

Well, I am going to bed.   I can resist all I want,
but morning is coming whether I sleep or not.  
Have a good night's rest.

I Love Ya'll,










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