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I watched them from my table
As they progressed down the street
Either one or both of them having
Alcoholically impaired feet
They moved with that exaggerated
Slowness a sort of taking care
So that any watching party would think
They were such a sober pair
Her head lay on his shoulder
His arm lay on her hip
As they leaned against each other
Both supported by his grip
They would stop every now and then
Stand there face to face
When they would hungrily kiss
Oblivious of the place
Those kisses were becoming so ardent
Each one longer than the one before
Totally immersed each in the other
Each kiss promising so much more
I wished them around a corner
Or anywhere beyond my sight
Just a solitary jealous watcher
So alone and wanting in the night
I tipped my glass to drink every drop
And when I lowered it down
That couple had walked on still entwined
Towards those darker quieter parts of town

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