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gun for one

i can't believe
the storm remains
why can't i see
where love is made?
one day i might walk on
shattered glass ground
thinking of the sound
of peace and security
i want you to be someone you're not
i wnat you to be somewhere you're not
my love is weak
my love is strong
why can't we carry on?
i can't pretend
that you're right here
can't remember
when our love was clear
i want to be what you want
i want to be where you want
your love is weak
your love is strong
a thousand words that come out wrong
i can't see the day
i can't see you pray
everytime i try, i wonder of you
but i bruise continually
i can't believe the storm stays
why can't i see
all your pain
there's a gun in your back pocket baby
and you know love isn't bullet proof.
our love is weak
our love is strong
please carry on
i need you baby

~DaYnA e. 2/12/06

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gun for one