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time stands still

The anxiousness inside is scratching it's nails
On the embankment of my soul
It's craze to make fascination reality
I am done being
Harassed by the screams of an infant
And recalling the screams inside
From tomorrow
From yesterday
I want to douse in the luxurious of  your love
And be charmed by our success
And tomorrow doesn't look like a good day
To apply
for you.
You and I sit
And stare at the line
that's an infinity of curious time
On each side
in-between us.
We can't move,
Because at this time, we are handicapped
By the misfortunes of everyday life
And misfortune with the lack of knowledge
Of what will happen next week
I am dying for the chance
To leave this time
But neither of us qualify
To collide our lives
I want the chance
To live like I should be

~DaYnA e. 2/28/06

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time stands still