SWEETSWORDS 78  [ the great traitors ]

SWEETSWORDS 78 [ Great Traitors ]


Poga Humayun Dundiwala

Lying Adan from qadiani qiosque
Lying Adan from qadiani qoshjid
And true Adan from Muslim mosque
And true Adan from Muslim masjid
Confuses drunk Huma's dreamy afternoon
Two different lingo in familiar tune
Vibrates drunken Huma's BARZAKHULLAH veil
From qadiani qiosque came a qufri mail
Like a chameleon it camouflages
In colour of Muslim minaret
From qadiani qoshjid came a Adan of hate

Poga's Say's in a foolington maze

One day completely out I went to house of God
Our local church
I found my Christian brothers generous much
Although I was a drunken fool
But Qadiani lie never had that pull
To shelter Poga at hour of pity
I was at home in Shia Mosque and with Hindu Deity
Because they with theirs truth
True in heart true in mouth
They don't deceive like Qadiani lie
I am a true Muslim Sharabi not any Qadiani Shaytani Spy

Coma Say's oh my Semicolon
To understand what lays between revelation and inspiration
I asked BARZAKH he said to speak truth no need for grammar no need for qualification
All you need is then scale called MIZAN
To decipher direct communication from the satellite navigation
Direct is the Jibreel with revelation of ALLAH
And inspiration is the apple called gravitational Newton Mullah
So Prophet is the receiver of revelation
And Mujaddid is he who gets the inspiration
Like ambiguous whispering of IBLIS and real shouting thunder
Coma Say's oh my semicolon
Grammar is for the post man nor for the recipient nor for the sender

Rt Hon Dundiwala Burakh Say's What's wrong with one
Where there is four they say three
When they say three there is only one
What's wrong with one oh brother Christian
Where there is four knot bind
They say no only three the soul the body and the mind
What lacks the dead body tell me doctor who
The breath of FITRATH The NAFSI intentions The BE AQL actions
Or the sensuous conscious RUH
When you say three there is only one
One unconnected independent ALLAH
And one all embracing universal INSAN

Musalman Say's Christian
If Jesus is GOD because he is Mary's son
Then bigger GOD is Mary Jesus together the great traitor qadian
If You love Jesus then defend his honor
from lying qadian And Christian KUFFR
Musalman Say's Christian
For Jesus sake save Mary From qadian

Faithful Foundation Say's oh baseless blind Iman
Your followers are all non scientific illogical irrational mumbling Be Iman
Your blind believers are atheist agnostic superstitious idiots
Your blind believers are all bumbling bigots
If they are truly rational and can understand the logic
Then they will surely say Mona lisa smile is piece of creators art it did not came through by chance magic
But why not it too can come by random throwing down of colour
But they will again say the Science Say's yes may be once not what is happening every where regular
If something happens in same Patten in same fashion in same manner
Then they all must have one singular creator originator
The creator who created the first design and replaced it many subject
If that is so then tell us oh blind atheist and agnostic believers what is the name of that single and most abundant object
The diagram of golden ratio in the nature
How they all have the same diagram of the heavenly sephiroth and earthy sandal character
The octagonal diagram of the atomic design to the pentagram of water Lilly's
Why almost everything in the nature follows the design of holy KAABA and HOLY of HOLLIES
If every thing follows the same design then there must be one designer
Faithful Foundation Say's oh baseless blind believer accept ISLAM now and reject KUFFAR

Monotheistic Monogram Say's oh my dualistic telegram
It is Sufi Swine SHIRK number one when the say everything is ALLAH in dualist path of ISLAMIC program
The Creature is just Creature and the Creation is not ALLAH
Therefore SHIRK number one is theirs level of FANAFILLAH
SHIRK number two of the Sufi Swine Goofy
Placing the symbol of RUMI toupee
In the signs of ALLAH the AL QURAN
In the decorative manner placing the Sufi Swine symbol in theirs Sufi Swine version
They placed symbol of trinity in theirs Sufiswine Tugra
The symbol of nasty nasara trinity triquetra
They placed symbol christian trinity in the singular Arabic AL QURAN
They placed they symbol of trinity triquetra in theirs Sufiswine Andalusian version
SHIRK number three
Placing the Sama and Sangeet in the devotional category
And ISLAMIC system of devotion is the SALAH
Ask any Guru Swami Shadu Sufi if there is no MULLAH
They all will say SALAH is the system of ritualistic worship prescribed by GOD
Through his last prophet MUHAMMAD
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
To say AL QURAN is the last revelation and therefore there is no more SUNNAH tradition after him
And he said the only systematic ritualistic worship acceptable to ALLAH
Is the clinically precisely prescribed five daily SALAH
We are also given additional system of worship and devotion by good deeds and righteous intuition's
To be the merciful to all the creation through love and devotions
Now why does ALLAH wants only this type of SALAH and not the Bakthi Geeth of the temple
Only the KAFFIRS thinks answer is critical while in ISLAM it is very simple
Because you go to your temples and shrines in your own time and do what you like
You enjoy the scenery and the music and mantra in the mike
You enjoy every moment while there
With praises and Sangeet laughter and tear
You choose the the time and the place of your devotional humor
But SALAH is ALLAH'S timing the awakening alarm of the FAJAR horror
You enjoy it or not you must get up
Do the wodu and gusul and the ice cold bath tub
This is not your personal system of worship with your personal GOD
But this is the SALAH writing the name with each posture of your body of the illiterate Prophet MUHAMMAD
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Yes indeed SALAH is the Arabic signature of the illiterate Prophet with the HURUF of DAL HA MEEM
Yes this letters are there as the proof
Only ritualistic system of worship and devotion acceptable to educated ALLAH is by this MUHAMMADAN HURUF
Because it is in this SALAH we praise only to ALLAH the writer of AL QURAN
And we do it by the system taught us by his Prophet the Illiterate men
And this system begins with the RUKU when standing straight
You begin writ ting the upright MEEM with the roundness of the head
Then pen going down through the body with its natural weight
Then during QIAM as you bent front of ALLAH
The earthly being like the universal lateral HA
Then as you go into the SUJUD
You make sitting MEEM with the head and body
And DAL with the hand and pointed index finger in the posture of the TASSAHUD
With this MEEM HA MEEM DAL you write the name of the prescriber of the SALAH
Therefore SALAH is the only educated system of worship acceptable to the Grammarian ALLAH
He taught this system of worship the the jahil Insaan
It is here when Sufi Swines Say's Sama And Sangeet is the system of worship and devotion
It is then they commit the SHIRK and thus becomes the KAFFIR Be Iman
Yes this KAFFIRS put theirs devotion in the category of SALAH
But even SALAH is less in the category of worship to one who thinks and ponders over AL QURAN and in the signs of ALLAH
But any MUSLIM who neglects his prescribed prayer for this higher thinking
He will not remain MUSLIM Jahil Ignorant will be his ranking
SALAH is not only for sick mad and drunk
And here this Sufi Swines loose the smell of Halal Kasturi and adopt the Haram Stinking skunk
It is here when this Sufi Swines Say's Sama and Sangeet cannot be appreciated if the singer is impure
They say the singer have do the ritualistic Wodu and Gusul to sing theirs KUFFAR
And ALLAH Say's all systematic rituals are for him alone
And as for the fourth SHIRK it when this Sufi Swines Say's Masnavi is the Persian Quran written by the Roman Molauun
Comparing AL QURAN with Roman mad deluded poet
Then placing within holy QURANIC alphabet their unholy Sufi Swine Roman hat
This are the four major SHIRK committed by agnostic atheist Sufi Swines against the Monotheistic ISLAM
Monotheistic Monogram Say's ISLAM is the choice between false and fact oh my Dualistic telegram

The Beast of burden Say's The Rumis has been defeated again
In the land closed by
England the sealed earth of the unbound sky
The Rumis has been defeated in the Satanic Persian Koran
Masnabi the seal of Shirk of Sufiswine BE IMAN
The Rumis has been defeated again
But the will be victorious soon
Because it is they who will grasp the SWEETSWORDS 6 [ Fibonacci fitna ]
As the watery ovum is embraced by the dusty thirsty spermatozoon
It is they who will understand beyond of all void is the separate realm of all Sujud
They will understand better because it is they who hold formation of the Wahdatul Wujud
Once they know in the Fanafillah
It is the KURSI of MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Not the ARSH of ALLAH
The Rumis has been defeated because ISLAM must win
The Rumis has been defeated because it is they who must rebuilt
The new cubical diagram in the ancient circular Fibonacci ruin

Awaluddin Marrifath Ullah Say's Oh Businessman Sufiswine Alauddin Pir
Don't say buy at bargain bazaar on noor TV the MAKKAH and MADINAH tasveer
Your seller woman the stupid cow
She said tasveer will look good in the bedroom therefore buy it now
She said buy it now you can put it on any wall
Businessman Sufiswine Alauddin Pir
Stop selling our devotional MAKKAH and MADINAH for your dressing hall
Stop committing SHIRK of DARSE e HADIS and DARSE e RUMI
Stop placing HADIS and MASNABI in the same category you Sufiswine HARAMI
Stop this SHIRK and learn not only nothing is part of ALLAH
But also nothing is part of the MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
Because ALLAH is most absolutely absolute and MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim is the most extremely extreme
Did you say how
You Stupid Sufiswine and silly cow
ALLAH the uncreated first created the iron pen
And within ALLAH placed water and mud as the ink to be spoken
He spoke La Illa Ha Illel La
And within the cubical KURSI echo evolved as the seven layers of rainbow as the circular NURANI Gullah
Now can the liquid ink say it is the solid iron
Yet you say you become ALLAH through your Sufiswine Fanafillah Union
I Say give up this evil practice oh Sufiswine Alauddin Pir
See your self the sign of Triquetra Trinity in AL QURAN placed by Sufiswine Andalusian KAFFIR
Therefore learn first thing ALLAH created was the life and the second thing ALLAH created was its death
And Between this life and death thing that evolved is this immortal poverty and this mortal wealth

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : Shaikh of humble mask with vanity bag
Sardar of camouflage in the robe of Aurangzeb
The silly cow seller of bargain bazaar
Selling ilmul hijab from naked tailor
Indeed this is better trade oh Sufiswine
Do not sell MAKKAH and MADINAH or any ISLAMIC sign
So sell vanity bag oh businessman sufiswine Alauddin Pir
Do not sell our MAKKAH or MADINAH tasvir
Do not say
Its alright its okay
To hang ISLAMIC signs on any wall
How offended would you feel if i place your picture on my urinal
How offended you feel if i place your picture on the walls of my loo
So stop saying things you do not have the clue
Shaikh of humble mask with vanity bag
One head of porkie pie liar with two human leg

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : To recognize the Sufi tailors and Nanga Shadu
I asked Dr Strange and Tilismati Aflatoon for some scientific jadu
They gave me mirror what reveals horror of deception
I saw no MARRIFA lives there only business man in theirs metaphysical zone
Now i see clearly the Sufi Shaitan and his meccan inspiration
And KAFFIR Qadian with his Hindustani revelation
Now i see clearly theirs mystical foggy fib
Theirs example is blinds who cannot see the manifest
Never mind the Gaib
To recognize the Sufi tailors and naked Awliya
I asked Curious Elias and Illuminati Ibn Taymiyyah
They gave me measuring tape what reveals all theirs shortcoming
I saw no MARRIFA lives there in the land of lost roaming
Now i see clearly all Qadiani Sahitan and theirs Sufi Goofy Gnosis
Now i see clearly theirs mystical manipulation and heretic hypnosis

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : The diagram of the tree of life is called KABALLAH
And the diagram of the river of death is called KARBALLAH
So the diagram of the KABALLAH is it water or wood
So tell me BARZAKH what is the connection between cubical KABALLAH
And first dimensional RUKU second dimensional QIAM and the third dimensional SUJUD

Mr Barzakh Fitrath Ullah : I love JEWS
Orange juice mango juice pineapple juice
Therefore i love trees therefore i love water
Therefore i say this truly oh BE AQL there is no complete diagram
With the Hindu Christan or Jew depicting the throne of the creator
They with theirs partial knowledge about the diagram
They lie falsehood and fabrication when they utter
They all say what encompasses every diagram is the all encompassing circle
But ask them if they are true can they fit within one inch sphere one inch cubicle
No they can never do
Because this three dimensional creation is box of chocolate unlike the circular laddoo
This Duniya is three dimensional therefore shape of the Holy KAABA in the macro cosmic diagram of cube
Therefore it is fitting the diagram of the throne of GOD is placed on the sandal of his slave MEHBOOB
And who is this MEHBOOB apart from the master of the MAKAM E MAHMOOD
The master of the creation and the slave of his MABUUD
Yes it is in this Na Laynn Sandal
You see the Jewish tree of life and the Hindu Amardeep Candle
It is his Sandals two laces what creates the infinite sign
About what Jesus said he is unfit to untie this knotted nature Ne Science Nurani bine
Yes indeed who can untie what begets all relationship
Yes indeed it is not the diagram nor the KAABA nor MUHAMMAD any MUSLIM worship
They worship only ALLAH
Yes indeed they worship only ALLAH
But the Foot mark of MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim is theirs MASJID is theirs MUSSALLAH
Yes indeed it is theirs ultimate yakeen and logic
To follow example of SHAHABA Itbaan Ibn Malik
Yes indeed every MUSLIM only only worship ALLAH
Sallel La Hu alahi Wa Sallim
Therefore oh BE AQL first dimensional RUKU is ALIM
Second dimensional QIAM is the LAM and the third dimensional SIJUD is the MEEM
Therefore when Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim praised this DUA
With this DUA he gave the diagram of the time matter space and sound of the primordial nebula
He said glory be to ALLAH as the number of his creatures line
And the expand of his Satisfaction and the weight of his throne
And ink needed to write down its countless sign
Here you find with the number there is the first dimensional dot
Then comes the expanse for this cosmic pot
Third is weight what gives height to this three dimensional cube
Then came the materialistic ink for physical body with spiritual robe
The robe of creation the veil of ALLAH

Mrs Be Aql Khan Usta : From Dark screen of Noor TV
Came the Hashim Miah the Hindu Ravi
Ravi is Sun the Solar Star
The Light that glows the Dark domain of Human Sansar
Oh my GOD
He knows the ignitronic Arc is the MUHAMMAD
Sallel La Hu Alahi Wa Sallim
From Dark screen of Noor TV
Came the in-between of cathode and anode called the blazing film

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